AI tools for Development

Explore the best 140 free and premium AI tools and services for Development. Try many AI tools for free and take advantage of our exclusive coupons for Development AI tools to score juicy discount on the AI software pricing plans.

#1) VisualEyes
Analyze user behavior, enhance UX, and optimize designs by utilizing AI generated Attention Heatmaps and Clarity score.
#11) UBIAI
Easy to Use Text Annotation Tool | Upload documents in native PDF, CSV, Docx, html or ZIP format, start annotating, and create advanced NLP model in a few hours. Collaborate with other users to accelerate the document annotation process. Manage users, assign documents and track the annotation progress. UBIAI high quality OCR annotation allow you to label native PDFs and images directly and auto annotate your dataset in multiple language annotation such as English, French and Arabic. UBIAI let you auto annotate your dataset using dictionaries (word, sentence and Regex inputs) and ML model.With UBIAI's built-in machine learning model, you can train and deploy your custom model without any code. Our NLP labeling tool supports Amazon Comprehend, JSON, Spacy, IOB, and CoreNLP formats
Riku empowers you to build AI models without code. Use AI through integrations, API, or public share links. Accessible AI for everyone.
#39) Pickaxe
The no-code platform empowering prompt engineers to integrate their prompt across their entire organization. Bridging the gap between generative AI prompts and the people who use them.
#47) Tabnine
Tabnine is an AI code assistant that makes you a better developer | Trusted by millions of developers | Supports all programming languages and IDEs
#48) AI2sql
With AI2sql, engineers and non-engineers can easily write efficient, error-free SQL queries without knowing SQL.
#49) Trudo
Fine-tune OpenAI GPT3 Models with spreadsheets and OpenAI fine tuning. No-code. Train, deploy, and track with Trudo. Sign up for a free trial and take your projects to the next level.
#60) Programming Helper
AI Code generator just by typing a text description. AI will create the code for you. Tool that helps you with a wide range of tasks. All in one place.
#61) Debuild
Build web apps lightning fast.
#62) AssemblyAI
AssemblyAI is the fastest way to build with AI for audio. With a simple API, get access to production-ready AI models to transcribe and understand speech.
#66) TeleportHQ
AI code generator to create entire websites or UI components. Generated code with Chat GPT can be imported into TeleportHQ end edited in a low code environment.
#67) Lobe
Download the free, easy to use app that helps you train custom machine learning models and ship them in your app.
#85) makes it super easy to create engaging release notes - list down your features, and let our GPT-3-powered tool write your first draft.
#97) Shumai (by Meta)
Fast Differentiable Tensor Library in JavaScript and TypeScript with Bun + Flashlight - GitHub - facebookresearch/shumai: Fast Differentiable Tensor Library in JavaScript and TypeScript with Bun + ...
#99) re:tune
Re:tune is a frontend for OpenAI's GPT-3 fine-tuning API. Use it to build your own AI powered apps. No coding required.
#104) Lightning AI
The platform to train, deploy and build AI with PyTorch, Lightning fast. From the makers of PyTorch Lightning.
#114) Dust
Harnesses the power of LLMs to help your teams craft better content, understand their environment faster, and ultimately take better decisions.
#115) Gradio
Build & Share Delightful Machine Learning Apps.
#138) WhatTheDiff
The AI powered GitHub and Gitlab app that explains the changes within your pull requests in plain english

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