AI tools for Business

Explore the best 147 free and premium AI tools and services for Business. Try many AI tools for free and take advantage of our exclusive coupons for Business AI tools to score juicy discount on the AI software pricing plans.

#2) Monitaur
Keeping AI honest is a full-time job. Ours. One platform to guide and govern the entire lifecycle of your AI. Complete risk management solution to record, monitor, govern, and audit your AI and achieve machine learning assurance.
#3) Kaizan
Kaizan is a Client Intelligence Platform for Client Success teams to retain and grow client revenue
#5) Mixpeek
Mixpeek is an intelligent file store powered by the latest extraction, indexing and searching technology. Build Google-like file search into your software with a single API.
#8) VisualEyes
Analyze user behavior, enhance UX, and optimize designs by utilizing AI generated Attention Heatmaps and Clarity score.
#9) Outplayhq
Outplay is an all-in-one multichannel sales engagement platform that helps sales teams close more deals and significantly increase revenue. 14-day free trial.
#13) Maya
Everyone wins with™ AI-driven personalization: customers, banks, and merchants. Real-time personalization based on tastes and lifestyles.
#17) Revive
An AI App that teaches Decision-Making in Business.
#21) Cheat Layer
Cheat layer solves impossible business automation problems using a custom-trained GPT-3 model to function as your personal software engineer to build automations from simple language.
#27) Puzzle
At Puzzle Labs, we believe that understanding complex information should be easy and enjoyable. We're building all the tools you need around your glossary. This helps you create the best customer education experience possible. Help your customers learn from you and not from a search engine.
#30) automates front-office and back-office interactions for every industry by deploying conversational AI-first virtual assistants and process assistants.
#59) Cogniflow
Boost your productivity. Integrate AI into your workflow. Create AI using text, image, or audio without any code | Image Analysis for Life-Science Research | Use AI in Zapier or
#66) Lobe
Download the free, easy to use app that helps you train custom machine learning models and ship them in your app.
#82) Glean
Glean is the enterprise search and knowledge discovery solution for modern teams. Search all company apps, find what you need, and discover what you should know.
#94) GapScout
Market research doesn't have to be hard. GapScout makes it fun and easy to find hidden opportunities in your industry!
#109) Gorilla AI
Invest like the WallStreet. Research at speed of your thoughts
#114) Moveworks
Moveworks is an enterprise copilot that automates work with generative AI trained on the world's most advanced large language models.
#122) Dost
Get Dost is an AI-powered in-chat assistant that manages inclusive communication and secures a diverse business culture within chatbots.

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