AI tools for Text-to-Speech

Explore the best 33 free and premium AI tools and services for Text-to-Speech. Try many AI tools for free and take advantage of our exclusive coupons for Text-to-Speech AI tools to score juicy discount on the AI software pricing plans.

#1) TTS-Voice-Wizard
Speech to Text to Speech. Song now playing. Sends text as OSC messages to VRChat to display on avatar. (STTTS) (Speech to TTS) (VRC STT System) - GitHub - VRCWizard/TTS-Voice-Wizard: Speech to Text...
#5) Dubverse
Dubverse is an online video dubbing platform. Dubverse uses artificial intelligence to dub video across 30 languages at a lightning fast speed.
#8) Verbatik
Looking for a reliable Text-to-Speech converter with a wide range of AI voices? Verbatik's AI Text-to-Speech Generator offers 300+ natural-sounding voices, background sound options, and the ability to download your audio as MP3 & WAV files. Experience Verbatik's Text-to-Speech service with 1,000 free characters today!
#9) Wellsaidlabs
Create voiceovers from text in real-time. WellSaid Labs is the top AI voice platform built for the enterprise and top-tier creators.
#11) Text-To-Song
Free AI music generator, greet your friends with AI generated songs and carols created in seconds. Pick song, singer, add text - you have song to share
#18) Listnr
AI Voice Generator with over 900+ voiceovers in 142+ languages, create realistic AI Voice overs in seconds. Export in MP3 or WAV format. Get started for Free!

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