AI tools for Stories

Explore the best 64 free and premium AI tools and services for Stories. Try many AI tools for free and take advantage of our exclusive coupons for Stories AI tools to score juicy discount on the AI software pricing plans.

#2) AI Personalized Children's Book
Create a beautiful custom children's book featuring AI generated images of your child.
#10) Story Path
Generate possible 'next steps' in your stories, novels, screen-plays from only a few details. Continue the path until inspiration hits and you find a plot thread that you love. Cure writer's block in minutes! Also, take your random story and world ideas and condense them into a single, coherent narrative that will get you writing your new novel quicker!
#15) NovelAI
GPT-powered AI Storyteller. Driven by AI, construct unique stories, thrilling tales, seductive romances, or just fool around. Anything goes!
#16) Sprinkle
Create a unique storybook for your child with Sprinkle's AI tool. Input your child's name, age, and desired storyline to get a children's illustrated storybook in digital format. Try it now!
#24) Subtxt
Subtxt is the only intelligent outliner that works with your writer's intuition, not against it.
Create instant, personalised bedtime stories created in seconds using AI. Incorporate your child and family members as characters, add genre, art style, moral, and more.
#35) Charisma
Charisma is a plug-ʼnʼ-play platform for creating interactive stories with believable virtual characters. Meet them, converse with them, and change the story.
#37) Dreamily
Multiverse, written by you and AI
#56) Scene One
Free online novel writing software. works in your browser and on every device, including your phone! Write your first story for free with an app created by writers for writers. Write the way you want and not be constrained by someone else's style. Write smarter with our tools, and always have up-to-date software.

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